OneKey Docs

Detecting the Provider

To detect if a user has already installed OneKey, a web application should check for the existence of a window.$onekey.solana object.
OneKey Browser Extension, OneKey Mobile APP and OneKey Desktop in-app browser will both inject a $onekey.solana object into the window of any web application the user visits.
If a window.$onekey.solana object exists, Solana apps can interact with OneKey via the API found at window.$onekey.solana. This solana object is also available at window.solana to support legacy integrations.
To detect if OneKey is installed, an application should check for an additional isOneKey flag.
const isOneKeyInstalled = window.$onekey?.solana?.isOneKey;
If OneKey is not installed, we recommend you redirect your users to Altogether, this may look like the following.
const getProvider = () => {
if ('$onekey' in window) {
const provider = window.$onekey?.solana;
if (provider?.isOneKey) {
return provider;
}'', '_blank');