Ethereum: verify message

Asks device to verify a message using the signer address and signature.

const result = await HardwareSDK.evmVerifyMessage(connectId, deviceId, params);


Optional common params

  • address - required string signer address. "0x" prefix is optional

  • messageHex - required string signed message in hex text

  • signature - required string signature in hexadecimal format. "0x" prefix is optional

  • chainId - optional number The ChainId in ETH is a unique identifier for a specific Ethereum network, used to distinguish different versions of the blockchain. Reference.


HardwareSDK.evmVerifyMessage(connectId, deviceId, {
    address: "0xdA0b608bdb1a4A154325C854607c68950b4F1a34",
    message: "Example message",
    signature: "11dc86c631ef5d9388c5e245501d571b864af1a717cbbb3ca1f6dacbf330742957242aa52b36bbe7bb46dce6ff0ead0548cc5a5ce76d0aaed166fd40cb3fc6e51c",
    chainId: 1


    success: true,
    payload: {
        message: "Message verified"


    success: false,
    payload: {
        error: string, // error message
        code: number // error code

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