Welcome to the OneKey Developer Documentation. If there are any imperfections, feel free to join our community and provide feedback at #stack-overflow (Discord).

For users

This documentation is primarily for developers. If you encounter any issues while using our products, please consult our help documentation or submit a ticket for customer service assistance.

For Web Apps

If you are developing a dApp or a Web application and wish to use decentralized capabilities for on-chain interactions, OneKey injects many JavaScript objects into browsers. These objects facilitate interactions with mainstream chains and protocols like BTC, ETH, Lightning Network, Nostr, Cosmos, Polkadot, Sui, Aptos, and Solana.

We also support Wallet Connect. If your Web App is compatible with the Wallet Connect protocol, you can directly connect with OneKey.

Web App Integration Developer

For Web and Mobile App Developers

If you are developing software and wish to connect and use OneKey hardware for asset storage and management, we provide an SDK for easy interaction with the hardware

Hardware Integration Developer

Our software also accepts Wallet Connect connections. If you want to use and access features provided by OneKey software, you are welcome to do so.

Web App Integration Developer

For External Contribution

If you wish to contribute to OneKey by developing new chain support or fixing issues, you can refer to the following documentation.

External Contribution Guide

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