Hardware Integration Developer

Third-Party Wallet and App Developer


  • If you want to connect hardware, please use our SDK.

  • If you want to connect to the software, we support WalletConnect Deeplink method to connect.

Integrated via USB or Bluetooth

Connect OneKey hardware via Bluetooth or usb.

Online debugging tool

Step 1: Install bridge

The web terminal can communicate with hardware only after a hardware bridge is installed.

Install Hardware Bridge

Setp 2: Debug

You can use a USB connection to the device for debugging APIs.

Expo Example Demo

Integrated Hardware SDK

Offer a hardware SDK to support various applications connecting to OneKey hardware. Supports multiple programming languages.

The specific steps for integrating the SDK.


Integrated via Air Gap

Air Gap is a communication model based on QR codes that ensures an air-gapped transaction.


WalletConnect Integration

We support WalletConnect Deeplink, enabling you to directly connect to OneKey via a deeplink, and then communicate with the blockchain through OneKey.

  • The OneKey mobile client (iOS, Android) supports the WalletConnect DeepLink connection method.

  • The premise is that the OneKey client is installed on the user's mobile phone,

  • Your App can connect to the OneKey mobile client through WalletConnect's DeepLink, for details refer to the Demo and related WalletConnect DeepLink documentation.

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