Watch Accounts & Network Status

The OneKey provider emit some events, which you can watch the connected accounts or network changed from, and update states to your web applications.

Add Event Listerners

// accountsChanged
const onAccountsChanged = (payload) => {
  const accountId = payload?.accounts?.[0]?.accountId || '';
  console.log('onAccountsChanged', accountId);
provider.on('accountsChanged', onAccountsChanged);

// networkChanged
const onNetworkChanged = (payload) => {
  console.log('onNetworkChanged', payload.networkId);
provider.on('networkChanged', onNetworkChanged);

Remove Event Listerners

Also, don't forget to remove listeners once you are done listening to them (for example on component unmount in React):'accountsChanged', onAccountsChanged);'networkChanged', onNetworkChanged);

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