Common Params

In the SDK method calls, there are three generic parameters: connectId , deviceId , commonParams.

function call(connectId: string; deviceId: string; commonParams: CommonParams)

The input parameters are obtained as follows:

  • connectId: Obtained from the connectId field of the device returned in the searchDevice interface.

    • The connect id of the device is never changed.

  • deviceId: The deviceId field returned by the getFeatures interface.

    • The device id changes when the hardware is reset. Like wipe the device.

  • commonParams: common parameters

    • retryCount: optional number type. The number of retries when the device is connected, default is 6.

    • pollIntervalTime: optional number type. The interval time for polling when the device is connected, default is 1000 ms, each polling will increase the time by 1.5 times.

    • timeout: optional number type. The timeout of the connection polling.

    • keepSession: optional boolean type. The Session persists after executing the API method.

    • passphraseState: optional string type. If you want to use a passphrase wallet, please pass that parameter. We will validate and cache the passphrase to optimize the user experience of entering the passphrase and reduce the number of input attempts. To retrieve that parameter, please call the getPassphraseState method.

    • useEmptyPassphrase: optional boolean type. Allow the creation of a passphrase wallet with an empty value.

    • initSession : optional boolean type. Cache the passphraseState parameter.

    • deriveCardano: optional boolean type. default is set to true for all cardano related methods, otherwise it is set to false. This parameter determines whether device should derive cardano seed for current session. Derivation of cardano seed takes longer then it does for other coins.

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