This guide helps users understand how to use the OneKey Provider API to easily build web applications that can interact with BTC.


1. Download OneKey Wallet

Download the OneKey Wallet. Install the OneKey browser extension.

2. API Injection Explanation

  • The OneKey browser extension injects Provider API into visited websites.

  • Two types of APIs are provided: window.unisat and window.$onekey.btc.

  • It is recommended to use window.$onekey.btc.

Both APIs have the same functionality, just different names.

Detecting Provider API support

Before you start using Provider Api you need to check for browser support by checking if the variable window.unisat is defined:

const provider = (window.$onekey && window.$onekey.btc) || window.unisat;

if (!provider) {
  alert("OneKey Not installed.");

Connecting to OneKey

Before using the following API, you first need to use the provider.requestAccounts method to request the user to access the relevant BTC account.


Other APIs can be called only after user authorization.


Clarify Needs: Identify required functionalities, call relevant interfaces

More Interfaces: View Details


  • Key Operations: Such as account switching

  • More Information: View More

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