Install the Provider SDK

Provider SDK works with OneKey Browser Extension ( version >= 2.3.2 ) installed

We provide an SDK named onekey-near-provider as an npm package, which also requires near-api-js installed.

You can check the sdk source code at Github, with full example code here.

# with npm
npm install near-api-js @onekeyfe/onekey-near-provider

# with yarn
yarn add near-api-js @onekeyfe/onekey-near-provider

Then you can create the provider instance.

import { OneKeyNearProvider } from '@onekeyfe/onekey-near-provider';

const provider = new OneKeyNearProvider();

Caution: The Provider SDK is not compatible with SSR.

If you are using next.js including SSR feature, you can check this document about how to dynamic import with no ssr.

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