Use requirement

  • Firmware version required

    • Touch: 3.0.0

    • Classic/Mini: 2.4.0

Conflux: Sign transaction

Asks device to sign given transaction. User is asked to confirm all transaction details on OneKey.

const response = await HardwareSDK.confluxSignTransaction(connectId, deviceId, params)


Optional common params

  • path — required string | Array<number> minimum length is 3. read more

  • transaction - required ConfluxTransaction type

    • to - required string of address hex string

    • value - required string of amount convert to BigInt hex string

    • gasLimit - required string of gas limit convert to BigInt hex string

    • gasPrice - required string of gas price convert to BigInt hex string

    • nonce - required string of nonce convert to BigInt hex string

    • epochHeight - required string of epoch height convert to BigInt hex string

    • storageLimit - required string of storage limit convert to BigInt hex string

    • chainId - required number of the id of the chain

    • data - optional string of hex data


HardwareSDK.confluxSignMessage(connectId, deviceId, {
    path: "m/44'/503'/0'/0'/0",
    transaction: {
        to: "0x7314e0f1c0e28474bdb6be3e2c3e0453255188f8",
        value: "0xf4240",
        data: "0x01",
        chainId: "1",
        nonce: "0x00",
        epochHeight: "0x00",
        gasPrice: "0xbebc200",
        gasLimit: "0x5208",
        storageLimit: "0x5208",


    success: true,
    payload: {
        v: string;
        r: string;
        s: string;


    success: false,
    payload: {
        error: string, // error message
        code: number // error code

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