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App Developer

Third-Party Wallet and App Developer


  • If you want to connect hardware, please use our SDK.
  • If you want to connect to the software, we support WalletConnect Deeplink method to connect.

Connect OneKey hardware

Online debugging tool

Step 1: Install bridge

The web terminal can communicate with hardware only after a hardware bridge is installed.

Setp 2: Debug

You can use a USB connection to the device for debugging APIs.

Integrated Hardware SDK

Offer a hardware SDK to support various applications connecting to OneKey hardware. Supports multiple programming languages.
The specific steps for integrating the SDK.

WalletConnect Integration

We support WalletConnect Deeplink, enabling you to directly connect to OneKey via a deeplink, and then communicate with the blockchain through OneKey.
  • The OneKey mobile client (iOS, Android) supports the WalletConnect DeepLink connection method.
  • The premise is that the OneKey client is installed on the user's mobile phone,
  • Your App can connect to the OneKey mobile client through WalletConnect's DeepLink, for details refer to the Demo and related WalletConnect DeepLink documentation.
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